Are showers always this confusing?

On Sundays, most everything is closed. Sundays are good days to travel to and from Cozumel or to plan a relaxing intermission for your vacation.

We slept in until 9:30 and grabbed smoothies and omelets before heading to the airport to return our rental car. By this point we had already come to the decision that it was far more stress than it was worth, there was a $2500 down payment which would be returned if the car was returned with no damage, but this just left a large ‘if’ hovering in the front of our minds and with the chaos and lack of parking in town it seemed far more trouble than it was worth. While the ordeal was stressful the rental car company was kind enough to return the rest of our payment without a penalty and we were free to go on our way. It was at this point that we learned that the taxis are only allowed to pick you up once you have left the premises of the airport. There is a separate service, called Cozu Shuttle which will transport you for $30/person from the airport to your hotel. Taxis are allowed to bring you from your hotel back to the airport though so this is a one-time expense.

We went into town to the park next to the ferry terminal, the only area that appeared to be open. We ate a delicious lunch at the la Palmeras Ristorante, they had very large cocktails and good fajitas and midway through our meal, a man serenaded us with his guitar.

We returned to the hotel and booked our free VIP massages for later that day and lazed by the pool for a couple of hours, reading and napping. The massages were nice considering these are not professional masseuses, they were relaxing and serene. However, I did not like the oil that they used on my skin, it was heavily fragranced and dried my skin out. I took a shower immediately upon returning. The showers at the hotel are beautiful but vastly confusing. For one thing, they are labeled C and F, ‘C’ I presumed to mean cold, but I didn’t have a clue what ‘F’ meant. I spent twenty minutes figuring out how to use the shower and freezing my butt off all the while. After taking the shower I was able to look up and find out that ‘caliente’ means ‘hot’ and ‘frío’ means ‘cold.’ Finally, I was able to get clean, dry, and use my Cerave lotion which immediately relieved my sensitive skin.

After that, I got dressed in a nice dress and we went to dinner at the steakhouse on the hotel campus. The food was so-so with the meat being the best part. They had a buffet of options including a salad bar, some seafood, and some charcuterie but none of it was very good. I ordered the tenderloin medium-rare and while it was well-seasoned it was far rarer than I would normally be comfortable with, with a piece in the middle appearing to be completely blue-rare if not raw.

We returned to the room and went to bed early in anticipation of our busy day tomorrow! I’ll see you then!

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